Selecting Deliminator Type

It would be great to be able to select the deliminator type for single and multiple select fields. For example if I’m pasting in a list of items that I want to be options and some contain commas it currently breaks those into separate listings. Whereas if I could set the deliminator type to only new lines or semicolons it would maintain the list items as I would like to use them.

Little trick for you:

If you paste into a normal text field, and then convert that text field to a single-select field, it will keep your comma delimited entries as single entities.

From there, you can even change your single-select field to a multiple-select field, and it will STILL retain those entities as-is.

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This is a super helpful trick, thank you! It would still be nice to be able to adjust the deliminator as there are instances when I already have a field that is single or multiple select that is used for records but need to bulk add more options.

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