Self populating To Do list

I’m looking to create a To Do list table that would self populate from a set of steps from other tables. So for example I might have three projects, each with their own table outlining a sequential set of steps to complete the project. What I’d like to create is a fourth table that would just display the next uncompleted step from each project.

I’m a total beginner at this so I apologize if this is a dumb question. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Not a dumb question, but certainly going around your elbow to get to your ear, as they say… :wink:

In general, what you want in this case is simply a filtered view that would display only next steps. Having said that, the fun part lies in telling Airtable how to decide which steps are next. Fortunately, this very topic was discussed here recently; even more fortunately, if you read that thread, towards the end you’ll find a link to a base demonstrating how to accomplish such a thing, with code you can swipe or adapt.

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I appreciate the reply. Unfortunately the only thing that is clear to me is that Airtable is probably not for me. I could probably do everything on all my project lists in the time it would take me to understand this well enough to create what I want. :confused:


It’s worth giving it a go.

My projects and tasks base started very simple and I developed it from there though it’s still basic.

I think getting the basics of linking tables is quite key.

The forum is great, very helpful as above.