Self referenced parent

I have a table with records that self reference to parent records. Is there a way from the parent record to know which records reference it? I know that I can see the relationships in a block but I would like the ability to see children when a record has been referenced as a parent.
Anyone been successful at this?

I’m not aware of a way to do that with only linked records. It’s behavior that clearly exists since “child” lists are auto-created when records are in separate tables, but the functionality hasn’t been extended to intra-table relationships.


If only one parent can be assigned to each child, you could group by the linked field and get your answers.


But if a child can have many parents, then those groupings won’t be useful:

parent1 parent2
  child1 child2
parent1 parent3

If it’s a really important bit of information, someone familiar with JavaScript could program a Scripting Block to log the parents and their respective children. But it would need to be periodically run since the scripting block only runs on button click at the moment.

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