Send a general message to base collaborators

Is there a way to use AirTable to send notes/messages/notifications to collaborators at a macro base level? I don’t want to message a collaborator about a specific record. I want to message the collaborator to go in and look at several tables in the base.

You could do this with an Automation that has two steps. The first step would be a very simple Run a script action using the following code:

const collaborators = base.activeCollaborators
output.set("collaboratorEmails", =>

The second step would be a Send an email step that uses the output from the script as the value for the “to” field.

This might be above my pay grade, so to speak. I went to the scripting app, and I tried copying and pasting in the code you put in, and this is what happened when I clicked run script.

The idea was to send the email through an Automation which includes a Run a script action. This is not the same thing as the “Scripting” app, which will not connect to or affect an Automation.

Hmmm, ok that’s what I thought you meant at first. But when I open up the automation section, I see this, and I don’t see a place to enter a script as a trigger.

Running a script wouldn’t be a trigger. I suppose I should have asked: “When do you want to send a note to your collaborators?”

^ The answer to your question would be the trigger. If there is no schedule about it, and you only want to send it every now again with no relation to changes to data in your base, then its possible select any trigger and run the Automation manually.

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