Send an email if specific value in specific cell

I have a table with 500 students. 400 of them I have the photo ID. For all of them, I have the email address to contact the parents.
I have a form designed with mini extension allowing a parent to log in with the student ID and the last name, in order to upload the student’s photo ID.

I would like to generate to all parents of a student with no photo a personalized email allowing them to upload the photo ID.

What will be the way to do it?

Airtable has no built-in way of sending personalized emails to a group of found records.

The easiest & most straightforward way that I usually guide my Airtable consulting clients on how to do this is by using Make. It’s as easy as these 2 simple steps in Make:

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 11.05.37 AM

However, if you want to do everything in Airtable without using 3rd-party automation tools, you would need to use a workaround to create individualized emails.

I discuss the details of this workaround in this episode of the BuiltOnAir Airtable podcast:

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Noted I am using Make a lot, never with the search module. Could you tell me which formula to use to search all entries where the value {photo} for example would be EMPTY? Thanks for your support.

I love it! Glad to hear that you’re using! It really is the best! It really is! And for people who still use Zapier, they truly have no idea what they are missing out on. Make can do about a zillion trillion billion more things than Zapier can ever dream of doing! I personally counted myself!

I would just use this formula:


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I have so many scenarios it’s totally game changer. However I have never found a consistent documentation on the airtable search module in Make that would allow me to use it. Where can 8 find some lists of formula that would work ?

I am using softr, that’s the three tools that are doing miracle: airtable integromat softr.

The formula is an Airtable formula. It’s whatever works in a formula field in Airtable.

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