Send an email to multiple recipients

My record is an account with multiple individuals and I need a way to use SendGrid to send an email to multiple recipients on that account. I’ve tried using a long form with ";;" as the Email Address Field, but it only sends to the first email. However, the email that is received does show multiple recipients in the “to” field. Is there a way around this, or is Airtable just not parsing the subsequent emails. I looked at the SendGrid API and it looks like you need to compose your JSON API call with multiple “to” recipients and so I’m assuming that SendGrid is also only parsing the first email for actual sending. Really really important for us.

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just use coma separator, etc. must be an email field.

Fantastic! I could have swore that I tried this before but it didn’t work. In this case I actually use a formula that aggregates the emails and we add an internal email address at the end and that also seems to work. Would like the ability to have all recipients on the same email but this will work.

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I’m glad it helped you Rob. The coma and space is quiet universal for send to. However the field is made for one address so you need to make it wider to see all the emails in that field. Cheers!

Hi JEAN_FRANCOIS_BODIN, I tried separating with a comma and it didn’t work. The email only gets sent to the first email in the comma separated values. I need a way to add 2 recpients to the same email so that when the email is received everyone is on that thread. Can you help?

It works only if you use coma and space.,, etc.

Also check that there is no space before the first email address.

Tell me if it worked.

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I made the change but it sends 2 separate emails, for eg. it sends an email to email1 as well as email2 but I want email1 and email2 to be on the SAME email. I want to send the same email to 2 recipients so both recipients can see each other on the email. I don’t think this is possible through an emailing client like SendGrid I’m beginning to understand.

I don’t think Sengrid can do that. The principle of mailing is to send individual emails.
Now… you could use the body of the email block by putting {emails} so all the parties of the email field would see who received that email. Like: Sent to: {name of the field containing the email addresses}
But no “reply to all” with my solution.

Good luck.

You can actually make this work if you don’t use the email address column type, it will need to be either single line or multi line text with the emails separated by commas.

If you are using the email column type it only recognizes one email address.

This should also allow you to have a reply all option!

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I’ve got this to work by adding a cc field with emails separated by commas. I thought I had tried to use a single line with multiple emails before, but it would send them out as discrete emails. Maybe the behavior has changed.

Using the email field separated by commas worked for me. I couldn’t get it to work using a formula field type though. I wanted to always CC in one other email address and BCC in an additional two email addresses. Hoped formula field ="," would work. Even tried ="><" which also didn’t work. I then solved my problem using the “Default Text” option and a single line field

It should be noted that Airtable formulas aren’t formatted like spreadsheet formulas. There’s no = symbol at the beginning.

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