Send email button with template matching single select drop down


I’m new to Airtable and am SO excited at what I’ve seen so far. Thank you for such an amazing platform!

I’d like to use the button field to send a templated email. I see that can be done. Very cool! My question is, can I have the email change templates based on another single-select field? Example: Customer record #1 shows “New Lead” in the status field. If I clicked on the send email button I’d like to have an “introduction email” pop up. Customer record #3 however may have a status of “New Lead - 2nd Follow Up”. I’d like the button to then auto-populate a different “follow up email” in that same view. Is this possible? If not with the email button function… could it be done with scripting or a custom app? This would be a game-changer for my business!!! I just need direction on where to go with the idea.

Thank you for any guidance you can provide!

UPDATE: Just had a backup idea… maybe I could an make “email template” field in my record that put out a different email for each status using IF statements. Is there a limit for how much data and options can go into those formulas?

ANOTHER QUESTION now that I’m playing around with the email button a bit more. How do I enter down in the email body of the template to create a new paragraph? All text is showing up in a long string right now. Are there any reference guides to writing formulas for the body of these emails?
Example: “Hi Andy, My name is Lindsey.” vs

“Hi Andy,
My name is Lindsey.”

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