Send email depending on actions, access rights on columns

i cannot see any support for this expensive product

can we setup access rights on specific columns for only some people or groups to see?

can we setup pensing on the changes in specific columns what the users do to send specific email to specific people or emails

Welcome to the community, @Nemanja_Radevic! :smiley:

That depends on whether or not you want those users to also be able to edit those limited fields. If you want to make a read-only view of specific fields in a table, create a new view that only shows those fields, then share a link to that view. More on that here:

If your users also need editing access, I’m afraid that Airtable doesn’t yet allow control over field-specific permissions. More about Airtable’s permissions structure can be read here:

However, a third-party tool was recently announced that might help. Check this out:

Hello AirTable community, I posted a question that is also about emails and AirTable. Anyone from this wonderful group have input? I’d be so appreciative. Connecting Email and AirTable

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