Send fax from Airtable

Hi Airtable gurus, has anyone ever made or know of a way to integrate fax into Airtable? We are a budding paediatric telehealth service and exploring the potential use of Airtable as our patient management system. Fax is still a common communication method with GPs.

Some ideas include, using the Page Designer block to output a letter in PDF, then integrating with an online fax service.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

Hey! I’d suggest using something like Zapier or Integromat to pull in the fields when something is ready to be faxed and integrate with a fax solution through that.

You definitely could also use the page designer, and again, output that to a folder, which you could link to a fax service, but I think if you need the data from the table in order to send the fax,

Hope that helps!