Send grouped field view as email

Hello there,

I have been trying to send all records by email on the scheduled date. This automation works fine, but I want to send a nice grouped view (grouped by 1 field). Any idea how can this be done?

What I want to send >>

what is sends right now >>

PS: I use the free version. Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @Nainiket_Desai !

Unfortunately, this is not supported by Airtable. I would recommend sending this as a feature request to

If you know JavaScript, you could likely write a script that would do this for you. There are also lots of JavaScript experts in this forum who are available for hire as well.

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Scripting probably won’t be available to free plans in September, so I wouldn’t go this route unless you plan on upgrading to a Pro account.

Also, Airtable automation emails currently do not support user-defined tables (neither markdown tables nor html tables), so you would need a script to generate an html table and also a 3rd party service capable of sending html formatted emails.


Thanks, @ScottWorld and @kuovonne for your replies. I was pretty it won’t be possible still wanted to run by experts!

I appreciate your time.

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