Send multiple records with Integromat


Hi all,

I am trying to send out an email/sms once a week to an employee containing several records in a view (his scheduled tasks for the week). I know this can be done with integromat, but am not sure which module to use/how to set this up.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

@Julian_Kirkness, perhaps you may have a solution?

Thanks in advance


Hi @jowan_qupty

You would most probably use a Text Aggregator to do this - the process would be something like:

  1. Get the employee’s record
  2. For each employee, fetch their tasks (using whatever criteria is needed)
  3. Look through these using a text aggregator - adding to the text of the email in each iteration
  4. Send the email.

You could also do this with a Zapier Digest (I recently did something similar for a client).


Hi Julian,

Thanks for your response.
I have attempted to create the scenario with integromat but i wasn’t able to reproduce what you wrote.

Could you maybe explain how to do this with zapier? what if i have multiple employees? do i need a different view for each employee?