Send notification to next collaborator

Lets say we have 10 tasks assigned to 10 people, which are meant to do the tasks in order. When Person 1 finishes his/her task, I want to send a notification to the person 2 that Person 1 is finished and his/her task2 is ready and waiting for him.

The difficulty I am facing is that the automation is within the same row.

For example:

Buy Vegetables Person A Done
Wash Vegetables Person B To Do
Cut Vegetables Person C To Do

When Person A clicks on Done, Person B should receive an email that his task is waiting. Since these inputs are not in the same row, I am facing toubles with the trigger and action.

Try adding a Link Record field for {Previous Task}. That way you could have a Lookup field called {Previous Task's Status} to pull in the item from the {Previous Task}'s {Status} field.

Now you can set your Automation to trigger when {Previous Tasks's Status} = “Done”

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