Send one email per record at trigger time

I have seen several topics similar to mine but have been unable to get this automation working. My goal is to send an email per record in my summary table at the time defined in the “At a scheduled time” trigger. Each record contains, among other fields: 1) Name, 2) Email Address, 3) Lookup field with a list of items, e.g. “item 1, item 2, item 3”. So, the list of items would be different for each record.

At the scheduled time I want to send one email per record to the Email Address field and include the list of items in the lookup field. I was using a Find action to locate all records in my table that have linked records, and therefore have values in the lookup field (using a view to find records). But when I preview my email, I see all the values of all linked records concatenated together, as well as all the email addresses concatenated together. I was hoping for one email per record with values from that record.

You need to create a field for that table that at a scheduled time changes the value to “run automation” or something to that effect and adjust your Automation to use the “When record matches conditions” trigger.


Thank you, Kamille - I will give that a try and respond back here on the result.

Hi @Kamille_Parks, I’m set up now to send the email when a record enters a view with the new field “Send email” set to “Yes”. But I still have to have another automation to set the “Send email” field. I want to set the field to “Yes” for all records in a specific view on the last day of the month. I’m not sure how to deal with the results of a Find action. I set up a trigger for a particular interval (last day of the month) and then did a Find action to find all records in a specific view. Then I have another action - ‘Update record’ to set the “Send email” field to “Yes”. But, I’m getting an error on the Update. I think it’s because I’m using the list of Airtable Ids from the Find action, and I guess that’s not right. Can you advise me on how to identify all records in a view and set a field in all of them to a particular value?

Thank you!

Eliminate this automation by using a formula for your {Send Email} field:

      DATEADD(DATEADD(DATETIME_FORMAT(TODAY(), "YYYY-MM-01"), 1, "month"), -1, "day"), 

If the trigger is “When record enters a view” then as records enter the view, the Automation will fire once per record. The Find Records step is obsolete in this workflow and should just be removed.


Thanks so much (again). I will do this now.

Works great, thank you so much!

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