Send only one email when multiple new records created in Airtable

I am new to airtable(using it from last 6 days). I want to get notification whenever my partners add the data in a table but problem is that whenever they upload the data, they add more that 100 records in that table at a time and I got that same number of notifications.
But I need this notification otherwise I have to check table daily whether someone has upload the data or not…

So I just want a single slack or email notification if records are added on that Day/Hour.

quick response is to look at digest emails as an automation

Rather than me explain here - this is the link

Create a view which is recordss created in the day…

In your case trigger is daily at X o’clock with a digest email of find records in that view (or where created in the last day) and email that to yourself …

you will get a list or grid of new records with whatever details you need.

Let me know if you get stuck


It’s working. Thank You so much.

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