Send questions to an external Survey tool

Hi, I’m new to Airtable and already looking forward to what it can do.

My use case is to flow survey responses to flow into Airtable and then graph them against the original question - straightforward enough.

However, has anyone set up their questions in Airtable first and then uploaded them to an external Survey tool such as Typeform or SurveyMonkey?

It seems that these products only expect the data to flow out, not in? Has anyone found a survey tool capable of receiving questions that it then sends out, and then flows back the results as per normal.

Thanks for your help. David

Hi David,

Today, most of the survey tools have integrations to Airtable using middleware tools. You can look at Zapier, Integromat to send data to Airtable. I use them to push a copy of the data to Airtable. If you need help you can write to me at wilson[at]blocksurvey[dot]org

Thanks for your response. I have emailed you directly. Kind regards, David

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