Sendgrid API Key Invalid

I’m trying to initialize the Sendgrid block. I get an API key from the Sendgrid site. When copied to airtable, it’s invalid. On the API key page, sendgrid mentions I need to “verify sender details” before using the email API. I verified an email, but the popup still occurs. Maybe this is a reason. Unfortunately, Airtable posts won’t allow supplementary images.

Thoughts on why this happens?

Having the same problem.

I am Trying to integrate Sendgrid and I keep getting invald api key when I past the key generated from sendgrid into airtable block…

I am also getting the same error.

I had to make a new API key because I can’t find the old one. I am getting “invalid API key” when I try to enter the new one.

I am having the same issue, “invalid api key”

Just retried and works now.