SendGrid now capped at around 150 emails

I’m delighted that the SendGrid block now supports HTML. However, it appears that this feature has caused a problem. I used to be able to send close to 1,000 emails at a time using the SendGrid block. Now, if I try to send more than about 150 to 200, the webpage freezes up. I send out emails to about 1,000 people once or twice a week and now have to split this up into chunks. A fix for this would be ideal. Perhaps just previewing just the first 5 emails? Why do I have to preview all 1,000?

Thanks for the feedback, we’re working on a fix!

Quick update: this is fixed now!

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Awesome! Thank you so much! That makes a huge difference for us!

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What is the max number of emails that can be sent through the SendGrid block? Now that the HTML option exists, I am researching whether to migrate a current program I run through Airtable, and use this block. I need to send 10,000 emails out once a month. I know SendGrid can handle it. Can Airtable?