Sending an entire row to a different table?


I have 20 tables that correlate to 20 different clients. In each of those tables there are a few rows have entries with deadline date fields. For each of the 20 tables I would like to send those few specific rows to a 21st table called “Master Deadline Overview” so I can look at it in Calendar view and see all 20 clients deadlines at once with all of the fields from the original table entry in tact, and if I juggle the date around it will update on the original clients table.

I am very much a newbie and I can not figure out how to accomplish this. If anyone has a suggestion on how I might be able to get to where I am trying to go I would be greatly appreciative.




It sounds like you are probably coming from using spreadsheets where you had a new sheet/tab for each client, no?

You may not want to hear this, but your layout sounds like a prime candidate for rethinking/reorganizing to best utilize the strengths of Airtable as a relational database.

Before I expand on that a little, I want to assure you that this can be done relatively painlessly, and I am willing to help with it, if you’d like (you can Private Message me for details).

My suggestion is that you have a single table for Clients - this stores each client you have as a record (a row) with all the pertinent data (address, contact info, etc).

Have another table for “Events” (whatever they are, whether projects, jobs, what have you). Have a linked record field in this table that links an “Event” to a “Client”. Make it so that you can only link 1 “Client” to each “Event” - an “Event” can have 1 “Client” , but 1 “Client” can have many “Events”. Now all of your “Events” (which presumably have deadlines) are on a single table, but linked to your “Clients” - you can now use the Calendar view Airtable provides to move your deadlines around.



Thank you for responding! I am going to restructure a new project tonight to see if I can make your advice work for my purpose. Are you available for paid work on this project if I need it?




Absolutely. Feel free to PM me (click on my avatar picture and then click “Message” in the top right corner of the pop up window) and we can discuss details of your project that way.


Are you able to message me? I have tried 2 different browsers and I do not get the message option. (I know this does not bode well for the perception of my technical prowess)