Sending automated emails with Mailchimp

Hi there!

I am working with a non profit and we are setting up our donor relations system. I managed to link up airtable with zapier and mailchimp and we now have automated thank you emails being sent to donors when i key their donation into airtable! YAY!

I am now facing a challenge. Because i set mailchimp to send out an email when a new contact is added, it only sends the thank you email once - when a new contact is added. We have donors who donate multiple times and I would like them to receive an email each time a donation is made.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can solve this problem? Cheers!

Hey @Collins_Santhanasamy,

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So what happens when someone makes another donation? How do you enter this data?

It seems that you need to enter this data into a new record (you can have another sheet with the contacts and rollup the values into that sheet) and then use a ZAP to send another email.


Hey @Mohamed_Swellam

So my base is basically built off the airtable “Individual and corporate donations” template.

Now i have the zap configured to add contact to mailchimp mail list when there is a new entry in the contacts view. This triggers a welcome email which i modified to be the ‘thank you for your donation email.’ This was a quickfix i made just to handle the test data set. I now need to change this.