Sending forms back out for updating

is it possible to send forms out to contractors to fill in, upon return have the info populate the grid then resend the same form back out 6 months later with the populated data so the contractor can verify or change the information?
I have the premium airtable with all the blocks etc

Hello David,

Welcome ! The answer is yes.

You can send a prefilled form with the contractor data displayed as default values on the form. Then the contractor can check the data, make a change if needed, then submit the form.

I suggest you to manage that process in 2 separate tables linked to each other:

  1. A first Contacts table with all your list of contractor (1 record per contractor)
  2. A second Submitted forms table to collect the submitted form date (1 record per submitted form)

You might find this template from Airtable universe helpful.

Hope it helped !

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