Sending HTML emails from Airtable


I want to be able to send HTML emails to my contacts in Airtable. I’ve used the SendGrid app, but it only sends text emails. I’ve tried Zapier to integrate Airtable with Mailjet. The problem is it needs a “trigger,” and I want to sent out general emails (newsletters) without a trigger, just whenever I need to send them. Any suggestions? Is this something that a knowledgeable API person would be able to configure? I’m willing to pay someone to do it.
Thank you.


Have you looked at Zapier Push Zap?

It’s a extension for chrome that you can use to manually trigger a Zap.


checking it out, thank you Mack!


Hi Sandra

You may find my blog post Using Push Zaps with Airtable useful:

I hope this helps!


Thank you! I appreciate your time.