Separate comments and revision history


The right column of the expanded view where the revision history and comments are shown needs some UX improvements. Currently I feel I cannot invite clients of ours to use the comments as means of communication, because this view is far too cluttered with irrelevant information of rev. history.
It’d be great if I was able to only see comments, next to each other. Even better would be if I could actively toggle on to see the revision history. In my context, comments are far more useful than the rev. history.


agree with you.

this would be very usefull for commenting on tasks



  1. separate comments list
  2. separate revisions list
  3. there’s probably a use case for combined, so a combined list of revisions and comments together.


You may not have noticed that you can turn off the display of revision history in any app:


This doesn’t stop Airtable recording it but does make commenting much more useful.


Very helpful, I had not seen this - thank you @Julian_Kirkness !