Separate Date/Time field into two fields?


I am exporting events from Airtable base into a web calendar via CSV. The web calendar requires that date and time be imported as separate fields.

To create a “date-only” field in Airtable, I simply duplicated the Airtable Date/Time field and turned off time. Done.

Now I need a way to create a separate “time-only” field in Airtable. Can someone recommend a formula that extracts the time from an Airtable Date/Time field? Converting it to text would be fine. For example, converting “4/14/2019 1:00pm” to “1:00pm”.

Thanks for your help


look here, there are specifiers you can use to just get the date or just the time or any combination thereof in any format you can think of from a date time field.

If you are importing data, you may need to use a datetime_parse() first to interpret the date from a text value.