Separate Multiple Select Values into Multiple Columns


A colleague created a multiple select field for what he called “deliverables.” Copy, Design, Trackable Link, PO, Due to Vendor, Live Date, etc.

I want all of these to be separate columns. I know I saw it somewhere, but I can’t remember where.

And what is the best way to attach a “deliverable” with a “collaborater” and due date?

Copy Trish 8/10/18
Design Due Will 8/15/18
Due to Vendor Trish 8/17/18


If you want to make separate columns, then just create the new columns you want, not difficult.
However, your “attach” example would have a longer formula
If in one column called “Deliverable”- this formula would work

Deliverable & " " & Collaborater & " " & DATETIME_FORMAT(Due to Vendor,‘MM/DD/YY’)

Good luck.