Separating Lookup Field Back into Individual Fields

Hi guys.

Trying to figure out the best way to overcome the limitations of the Page Designer and hoping a formula might be the answer.

I’m collecting a lot of data in a table called “Rooms”. Each room record has linked products, materials, and concepts, and then I use a bunch of lookups to retrieve the information I’m hoping to display on my Page Designer. The problem is how the Lookup field combines my information. Here is my Product Name Lookup field for one room as an example:

Aqua 2 Complete Shower Rail, Lapiana Towel Bar, Lapiana Towel Ring, Lapiana Robe Hook, Lapiana Paper Holder, Square Tubular Pull Handles for Back to Back Mounting, Square Trim for 1/2" Valve, Caso Single Hole Faucet

It obviously collects the information in a list, but that’s not what I want. I would like to be able to hand arrange each name in my page design so that each text string can be under their respective images. For that, each name has to be in its own field.

Is there a formula that would separate my lookup field again and “break it out” into pieces that I could then arrange freely?

Not opposed to the idea of having 10+ formula fields called “Product name 1” “Product name 2” etc. I can see some potential in separating out the text by somehow using the commas as markers for stopping and beginning points, but I’m just not sure on how to put it together.

Maybe the array functions are useful here…?

Anyone willing to help?


Just noticing that this was recently answered over here: Separate a Look Up field (separated by commas) into separate cells

You can see the formula I wrote to split a comma separarted string into multiple fields in this thread.

That thread also contains links to a few other ways to do this. Take your pick. My formulas were designed to work with plain strings, not lookups, so they need a small additional step to work with lookup fields. The workaround is described in that thread.

You can also consider looking into the new scripting block. Someone who knows JavaScript could do the task much more easily (although it would not auto-update).

Ah, you found it while I was typing my reply to you!

Yeah haha, it showed that you were typing up a reply - I tried to save you the trouble by @ing you in the other thread but I guess I was a little too late! Thanks though for taking the time to help me.

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