Separator for multiple formula output in single field


I am writing a large formula that looks for answers in another field and outputs their related categories. I have done this with multiple IF(OR(SEARCH( formulae, and it has worked great.
However, this returns multiple categories as a single string running into each other, eg. “SensoryEscapeTangible”. I need a way to insert a separator between these values without having to create another field. Any suggestions?
PS- ARRAYJOIN( doesn’t work as the use of ‘&’ between the formulae has concatenated the output into a single string already!


An easy way would be to put the separator in the text string for each category returned (e.g. “Sensory,”). Then, wrap the entire formula in a function to trim the final separator. Maybe


Replace the comma before the dollar sign with the separator that you use. Hope it works for you.

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