Sequential Numbering, Starting with 0

I would like to be able to have a field that is either my SKU number, PO number, Sales order number that escalates as entries increase. In Excel I’d just pull down the cell and it would sequence as I go along. I can do that it seems only with a number field. But the number field doesn’t allow me to start with 00001, 00002. I’d have to change to a txt field but then it seems Airtable only wants to copy the cells over and over, not sequence them.

Is there a work around either as a number field or a text field to get what I want?

You can use a number field for the base number, and then a formula field to pad the zeros in front of the number. You can also use an autonumber field (with a formula field to pad zeros) that will automatically increment for you without having to pull down the cell.

Thank you again. I’m not familiar with autonumber field. I’ll take a look.

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