Set Checkbox to Checked based on another Field

I would like to set a checkbox to checked based on if another field has a number in it. Here is the Function I have in a Field called CheckChain.

IF({Chain Amount} = BLANK(), Chain = 0,Chain = 1)

The field Chain is a checkbox, and the field Chain Amount is how many times tire chains are applied. I am using this as a check to be sure the Chain checkbox is checked, if someone forgot to check it and entered an amount.


You can’t do it if the field Chain was a checkbox. You could have the formula like this though:

IF({Chain Amount}, ‘:white_check_mark:’, ‘:no_entry:’ )

The rendering of the text above is buggy for me. Here’s the image:


How exactly is this entered into the formula field, might I ask?

To enter in the emoji characters:
If you have a Mac, you can bring up an emoji picker by typing Ctrl-Cmd-Space. Alternatively, you can copy and paste emoji from websites such as Emojipedia. (Copy-paste won’t work here as the forum engine replaces emoji with images.)

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Woah. I’m aware of the insert character dialogue as I use it often for logical symbols and such, but I didn’t realize it accepted those, especially in a formula field.
That’s nifty.

I would like to do the same thing at PavementPilot. And your workaround solution does not solve the problem.

I have a CRM of sorts and would like to set up a Kanban based upon number of interactions. Interactions are limited to single pick formatted cells. So I have a # of interactions field that reports a number. I would like to build a formula that says if 0=“Check box 1”, 1=Check box 2, 2>Check box 3). That way I can sort my Kanban in columns of number of interactions and see which companies are progressing better or worse then others.

The more I search about how to do something with Airtable the worrier I get that this is not the right tool for me.

In a logical sense, it should be possible to amend a field based on another one. Not only for display purpose (thanks for the workaround with emojis), but for reporting purposes, I can’t be re-writing formulas in different places. I will end up with formulas like IF({CheckChain} == :white_check_mark:) :cold_face:

Appreciate this is an old thread but seems to be true in 2019 still


This works for me. But I would like to add a 2nd IF, is that even possible?
For example:
I would like to add an extra Check list
IF Chain amount has any field then set the Emoji :white_check_mark: if not, set :no_entry:.
Now, this is what I want to add extra,
I have an extra checkbox and only if both criteria are met, that Checkbox is :white_check_mark:and chain ammount is filled, then :white_check_mark:.
Was I clear enough?
Hope you can help me,

I actually found a solution for it. I am amazed with myself haha
The problem I was having was because of the duality in the condition, a positive field(the checkbox) and a negative field(the missing text in “DOC FALTA”). It all ended up working :wink:

IF( AND( {DOC FALTA}="", {CHECKLIST}=1), ‘:white_check_mark:’,

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