Set defaults on fields


Simply the ability to set a default on fields other than numeric

On a date, the obvious is Today

On a string, just set a default value

Date Field Default Value
Functions in field Default Value

I second this request. Default values should be available for almost all field types.


I support this option too. In order to prefill certain values in creation, like “completed?” -> No, Department, Application date -> Now() (or Today). In forms include not_editable option, but show the default_value.


Thanks, everyone, for the feedback! As it sounds like you’ve already discovered, we currently support setting default values only for single line text, number, currency, and percent fields. We’ve received requests for default values for other field types as well; thanks for letting us know that this would be useful to you! I’m happy to pass this along to the rest of the team :smiley:

If you’d like to prefill fields in a form, note that we do have a workaround, but the default values you set will be editable in the form. The workaround is to use query parameters on the form field URL, prefixed with prefill_. See example below:

Form link without prefill:

Form link with prefill:


Specific defaults that would be useful to my team:

  • in a collaborator field type, set default to “current user” or any particular collaborator
  • in a date field type, set default value to “today” or “x number of days from today”, etc
  • in a single select field type, set any one option as the default


Hey! Just saw that text fields & number fields can have a default value set. Is this new? AWESOME!

The other workaround to the above, is to set up a NEW formula field using an IF statement. (E.g. If the field is blank, then use a default value, otherwise, use the field data.)


Also- Numbers too!


I agree with this - specifically, being able to set a “single select” field type option’s default value. I hope that can be arranged! It would be super useful.


Hey I noticed this and wrote a separate post! Using Filters to auto-fill fields with data


It would be great to be able to use a Formula to define the default value. It would allow to make all the use cases mentioned above work.


Default value for checkbox would be nice too


+1 but in particular single select (would be great to have new kanban items default to todo/available) and date default to today.


Any idea when this is coming?

My use case: I record expenses, adding multiple records every work day, and they almost all need “today” as the date.


Maybe you could use a Formula like this: IF({Date Input}, {Date Input}, CREATED_TIME())

You use the Date field as the date. If you don’t insert a date, it gets the Created Time.



Need ability to set default value for single select fields. (Default status field to in process rather then it showing blank each time record is created)



Super Needed for Project Management Use Cases.

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Would be really useful for Kanban view!


This would be super helpful as many people will be filling out forms for requests for our services, having a single select field default to “Needs Follow-Up” or “In-Process” would be very helpful and save time.


The option to set a default value is such an obvious requirement. Would save user time and should be easy for Airtable to code.

I would also like an option to force the user to select a non-blank value for a single select field.

This would stop blank values.



Especially helpful when a form is submitted.