Set defaults on fields


Sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear when I was explaining the keyboard shortcut. I didn’t mean “+” as the “the key on one’s keyboard which returns the plus sign.” I meant “+” as “and.” So, the steps in order are:

  1. Press the “⌘” (Command) key, or the “Ctrl” (Control) key if you’re on Windows.
  2. While still holding down the key from step 1, press the “;” (semicolon) key.


Wait so is defaulting a date column to today’s date still not available? This seems like a pretty glaring gap. What’s the plan for implementing this?


I would also like to have this feature added.

Why: it would be extremely useful on the iPhone where I can’t use keyboard shortcuts, and I’m on the go / pressed for time to enter everything


I would agree that this feature would be very valuable when on the go form the mobile devices.


The date field should also support formulas.

Use case: I am creating a base that lists invoices issued. A date field containing the date 30 days after the invoice date is necessary to create a calendar view showing when payment reminders should be sent. Currently, a manual date would need to be created. If the date field supported date formulas, this manual entry could be automated.


The Ctrl + ; shortcut doesn’t seem to work on non-English keyboards since there is no “pure” button for semicolons. On most European keyboards it is accomplished by pressing Shift + , . Pressing Ctrl + Shift + , doesn’t work in Airtable.

May I suggest remapping this shortcut to a different key?


This seems like a glaring omission. At our charity we have volunteers entering dates into forms tablets. 99% of the time it is the current date. But 1% of the time it isn’t so we can’t automatically record today’s date. Shortcuts don’t work on an Android tablet. Also the pop-up virtual keyboard gets in the way of the date picker. It is all very clunky. An option to make a date field default to today’s date would make life a lot easier.


How do I implement this with my existing date field? Or do I need to create a new field for it referencing the original? If the latter, that rather defeats the object. I just want the existing date field to default to today, not add another field.


What I’ve done in a couple of Bases (which isn’t elegant) is to have a field to enter an override date and then have a formula provide the actual date for the record which uses the Created Date unless the Override Date is not entered:

IF({Invoice Date (if not now)} = BLANK(), CREATED_TIME(), {Invoice Date (if not now)})

In this case, field {Invoice Date (if not now)} is my override date and the result is an Invoice Date.


Any updates on setting Default values for text fields? Thanks!


+1 bump this up please


Thank you for idea Victoria but unfortunately there is no way to use this method for the current date, such as NOW() or TODAY(). I hope this feature will be added.


+1 for default fields.

I am building a lot of forms that I want to go into specific views/structures/layouts. I can’t always expect the submitter to select or fill out the correct info. If you can add “select default” for a given field, and then “hide” field from form, this would allow said form to be submitted with that data. Verrrrry important and surprised it can’t be done already.


Need a way to automatically default collaborator field to person logged in using the table!


All fields allow to set defaults.


Can you allow to set defaults of all basic fields, please? It will really improve Airtable, thanks a lot!


I support this! This is important!


Please consider allowing single selects options to have a default value.

  • 1 for allowing a single select option to have a default value. I’m new to airtable and have been trying to figure out how to do this for about 15 minutes :). Seems like a pretty odd feature gap considering it’s simplicity relative to the sophistication of some of the other awesome capabilities…which implies that this is intentional, but I have no idea why? bueller?


Make no sense to not have a default value for a single select…