Set defaults on fields


We’d love more defaults too, specifically being able to select a default time for date + time fields. Right now it defaults to midnight which sometimes causes confusion across time zones - e.g. for some people it’s today, for others it’s tomorrow.


Heavy +1 on default values, especially current date and checkbox


I’m working on a solution using AirTable API, letting you create forms with default values, validation logic, custom logic on submit and more.

Anyone wants to give it a try & give me feedback? Let’s get in contact


I needed this for automatic deadlines (for user requests), overcome this with formula:


@Mike_Ball, would you please consider adding to your excellent feature request the ability to set the default value via either formula or string expressions?

For instance, where you suggest that

  • on …date [fields], the obvious [default value] is Today”,
  • such a default could be implemented by typing the following formula in the default field: today()

Additionally, by allowing a FORMULA to be entered as the fields default value, it allows users to prepopulate each record with more value scenarios which could easily account for and predict the default value for 30-90% of the time, yet still allow the user to quickly and CLEANLY override the default value.

For instance, instead of simply setting the default value of a field as Today() a business could set the expiration of a short term lease as Today()+90, but allow the two parties to adjust it to more amenable/responsive terms.

(See my earlier post for more details)


Totally agree. Need an option to have a default value on both string fields as well as single/multi select fields


Would love to see this implemented but don’t feel hopeful since it has been going on almost 2 years since the original question.


+1 request for the ability to use form prefill for date and time to NOW().


Chiming in. This would be incredibly useful.


Definitely this, default value for all field types


Make no sense to not have a default value for a single select… !!!

Kanban looks ugly with “Uncategorized” because of this!


Yet another +1 for defaults on single select, and others too. Why not? It seems strange for it NOT to be an option.


+1, much needed — this would make data entry much faster


Has anyone managed to get this to work with Zapier? I tried the suggestion to filter by a kanban view but zapier does not list kanbans in the list. Searching the field for “Uncategorized” or leaving blank both don’t work.

I’m very surprised this hasn’t been implemented considering the $150 million+ raised in 2018. For single select this would be as easy as adding one of those switch toggles used in filtering (“none of” option) to flag which should be the default. What gives?


Update: I was able to set up an Integromat integration that updates all empty records (Status=’’) to the default value. It runs at 15 minute intervals in the free tier which is sufficient for my needs.

  • 1 defaults for datetime.

I use my table as a task tracker tool for my team.


FormNano now has the ability to set default values for fields, thanks to all who worked with me on this :smile: