Setting the Finish Time by adding duration onto base date & time in a booking system

Hi Airtable community,

This is my first time using Airtable, so sorry if this is simple!

I am trying to set a ‘finish time’ by taking the booking date & time and adding the ‘duration’ too it which is coming from a lookup from another table.

Naturally the ‘End time’ should be “22:30” and “22:57”, yet all it’s doing is mirroring the start time.

I have tried the Dateadd function which I found in someone else’s post (see code below) but haven’t been able to get it working.

Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance!

DATEADD({Booking Date & Time}, Duration, 'hours')

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Hi @Frazer_McLeod,

I think you have a formatting issue. Make sure the duration is seen as hours in the Duration field.


Hey @mohamed_swellam, thanks for your quick reply.

The duration is set to h:mm in both the table and the lookup field. Any other ideas?


Hi @Frazer_McLeod,

It appears that the correct formula is DATEADD(Date, Duration, 'seconds') as the duration field outputs its data in seconds to any formula.

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