Setting up an organization + individual projects

Hi everyone!

I am writing on behalf of my organization. We have qualified for the charity discount, but I am struggling with the best way to set up our team. I am aware that if we upgrade this would be for 1 workspace, correct? And then this workspace’s bases would be part of the paid plan. So im thinking that I would invite all my colleagues as collaborators (users) so that workspace. So my first question is: if I invite my colleagues to the workspace, do they see all the bases that I have created? Or only the bases that are shared with me? And vice versa?

I am also wondering, if I am a ‘user’ on a paid account, can I then create another workspace that will have access to the paid base features? Or would that workspace not have the paid features because its a free workspace?

Thanks in advance!

A workspace is paid or free. Collaborators can be tied to individual bases or to an entire workspace. Any collaborator will be billed to your account if the base you shared with them is in a paid workspace. A workspace collaborator will see all bases in that workspace. My understanding is that a base collaborator can be tied to multiple bases in a paid workspace but is only billed once.

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