Setting up Columns only the editor can see but embedded viewers cant see

Hi There,

New to airtable and loving it so far.
I am wondering if its possible to add a column to my table that only I can see but when the table is viewed when its embedded on my website no one else can see it.

I am trying to eliminate the use to my second spread sheet for details my customers don’t need to see in their order.

If you’re embedding a single view, this can be done easily. Just hide those columns in that view and disable the “Show all fields in expanded records” toggle in the share panel.

If you’re embedding the entire base, the viewer will be able to show hidden columns.

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Am I on the right track for this?

That popup says “Field moved to trash”. Did you want to delete fields, or hide them from view? If you just want to hide certain fields in a particular view then:

  • Undo your actions. If you can’t undo, then restore your deleted fields from the base trash (trash icon next to “Automations” in the top right).
  • Hide the fields using the “Hide fields” dialog at the top next to “Filter” and “Group”.

yes that was just me playing with something. I will have a play with these options youv given me and see what I can do thank you.

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