Setting up database for unique users

Hello all,

I am trying to figure out what the best practices are for setting up a database structure for unique users.

I am creating a financial app and each user will create a user name that will produce a unique user ID from firebase.

Would it be best to create a table for each user with their information? - or - one big table with their unique id as a field?

I’ve only just stumbled onto Airtable and have now discovered Firebase, so thanks for that!

My limited previous DB experience would make me create a user table with a unique ID as the primary key - that table would likely include pertinent user info (name, tel, email etc).

Other, more experienced DB & airtable folks will hopefully be along shortly to comment…

Most likely you’ll want to have each user’s common information stored in one table. That will make it easier to organize. Then if you need to keep logs about each user’s activity, you can link their unique ID to another table.

This might help:

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