Setup Automation for CRM use case: Find Criteria, Create records in junction table from matched criteria

Input Data: 3 tables

1/ When the Task in [Task] on time (Ex: CRM 6*)
2/ Lookup the people in [People] who have the same Client levels with The task input, and linked all of those people to Task 1 above
3/ With People we found above, automation create records in [Interaction] then linked to each person in step 2 and Task 1 (junction table)

Current Setting and Problem when setting automation:

  • Trigger: [Task] contains CRM 6* and Start date 's today (Step 1)
  • Action:
    -Find records [People] which have {level people} match Task name
    -Update record [Task] linked to List of Find record above (Step 2)

Problem: in step 3, I dont know how to setup action to seperate the List of Find records to create multi line records in junction table - in my case’s multi records in Interaction table.
Hope I can get some advices to figure this!