Setup second table to show completed tasks and or number of incomplete tasks (queue)


Hey guys

New to airtable by the way
I think a lot of answers I’ll get is probably: use views!
Or I’m using it wrong

But what are the ways to show only “completed tasks” in a second table?
I have a Single select column (I named it Status) in Kanban that’s been set to stack by. This column automatically shows what stack the card is on and so I have a stack called “Completed”.

But then is there any way to make use of this the column for the purpose as titled
In a second table, show completed tasks only
In another table, show number of pending tasks (basically tasks that are not in the Completed stack)




Yeah. Use views. :smiley:

Seriously, though, for what you want, views in Airtable are a far easier way to do the job than a new table, mainly because you already have all of the necessary data in place. Pulling all of that data into a different table simply to show a smaller subset of that data is actually going to be more work than it’s worth. A new view, though, would operate on your existing data, giving you a way to control how that data is displayed without changing any of it.

Not-that-long story short: make a new view (Kanban if you prefer, though Grid might be worth exploring) and add a filter that only shows records where {Status} is “Completed.” Boom. Done.

To see only pending tasks, make another view with a similar filter, where {Status} is not “Completed.”

That’s pretty much all you need to achieve those two things. Doing that same thing by pulling the data into a second table would be a LOT more work.

When you want to simply get a different view of your existing data, then views are the ticket.



haha just as I thought. I tried views and it works great. Hopefully the request for the secondary table will be dropped, fingers crossed. thanks Justin