Share only specific view with "Commenter" access

Hi everyone,

Right now I have following options to share:

Using “Share” button: This only allows to share entire Workspace or entire Base.
Using “Share View”: This option creates a view where I can’t provide the ability to accept comments.

But what I want is to share a view with the ability to get comments on the records I shared.
How can I achieve this? Looking forward for some guidance.

So is there no option? I even tried miniExtensions, which have the ability to share specific records with different users, but the look of the page which miniExtension creates, is totally different than normal Airtable table, with filters options missing!

There has to be some way to provide only commenter access for specific view!

Don’t assume that a lack of a reply in two days means that your question has no solution. A lack of reply only means that nobody replied. Nothing more.

In this case there actually is no solution that I’m aware of. Those comments can only be created and seen by base collaborators. Airtable hasn’t even provided any means to access record comments through any of its APIs, so third-party tools are not an option.

One workaround—which, admittedly, won’t put the comments on the records themselves—would be to add a “Comment” button field to the table, with the button opening a form and prefilling a link field to point to the selected record. The user types their comments into the form and submits it, and it gets saved into a separate table, with the link field connecting that comment record to the original.

Well I also had asked this question from Airtable staff through contact support. And I got a reply which partly solved my requirement. I will post it here for the benefit of others, with similar requirements:

Using Airtable Sync to sync a table from one base into another base. The synced information in the receiving base wouldn’t be directly editable from that base, but users would be able to add additional fields to the receiving table which they can update/edit just like any other field.

So now I am using the feature of sync base to only share a view with the intended audience.

The reply also mentioned that advanced sharing options is Airtable’s longer term commitment, but as of now, this is the only solution, and not really a bad one either. Hence marking this a solution.

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