Share view for viewing/adding/deleting records

I have created a gallery view which I would like to share with my collegues. They should only be able to view, add and delete records (not configure the view or anything like that). How do I accomplish that?

I would use table-level permissions, allow editors to create and delete records.
Permission system here is convenient to understand and config.

Collaborators with editor permissions will be able to added, delete, and edit records. They will not be able to change field configurations.

If you want to prevent collaborators from changing the view’s configuration and you have a Pro subscription, you can lock the view.

Note that your collegues would need to be base collaborators to edit and delete records in the Airtable interface, which may incur a charge. Users cannot directly add, edit, or delete records from a “shared view”.

If you want people to be able to add, edit, and delete records without being collaborators on the base, you should look into creating a portal.

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Thank you for explaining! :slight_smile:

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