Sharing a View to a specific user rather than by link

I’ve scanned the forum and I do not see a way to share JUST the view to a specific user in the same way a base or workspace is shared.

Am I missing it?

Hi @NWA_Admin
Do you mean share with a collaborator or someone outside of your Airtable users?

For sharing externally:

For sharing internally
If the user has access to your base, and the permissions allow it they will have access to all the views. You can send some one the URL from your browser (when you are on that View) if you want a link to ‘jump’ them to the intended view.

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Right. My concern is that I only want to share it internally with people who have an airtable account within our group, but may not necessarily have access to the base.

I ONLY want to share the view with them.

I think there maybe a work around here where I can connect the view to an interface and share that by specific users.

Let me know if you run into any issues. If you do not want to grant access to your base, this includes an interface on that base, the only way to share a view in Airtable is the Share View link in my screenshot. When shared the user will not be able to edit records.

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You can create a new base with a synced table. The source of the synced table would be the view you want to share. Then add the users as collaborators to the new base. Thus, only the specific users will be able to view the information, and they will not be able to see anything else in your original base. Note that this will be read-only access.

Currently, sharing an interface requires also providing access to the entire base. If you need to keep other information in the base private, I recommend that you do not share the interface.


Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I was after.

I have a base with a pool of data and I want to only share specific views to specific people. This meets our needs.

Thank you so much!

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Before this thread locks, I wanted to add one more thing for future people who are searching these forums.

If you need your users to be able to edit that data, you would need to use an external portal tool such as or Glide or


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