Sharing Calendar view - always defaults to the date I originally sent link

Hi all, this is my first time posting a question here. I’m using AT to communicate with my project managers of a construction company when their jobs are delivering and installing. I have two issues they are complaining about.

  1. They’ve save the shared link to their phone home screen and when they open it always takes them to the beginning of June when I first shared the link with them. How can I get it to go to today’s date or to this week?
  2. One project manager has made a request about the colors. Currently I have the delivery date one color and the install date another color. He wants the delivery date to be the color of the supplier (of 4 choices) I’m using and the Install date to be the color of the crew doing the work (of about 6 options). Is this possible within a single calendar view or would I have to give him two different calendar links - one for delivery and one for install?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community, @Richelle_Brown!

You have options to control this when you generate the share link. Read through all the different options on your share link page. Sounds like you’ve enabled the option to show a certain date. You will want to disable this option.

If you can set up conditional colors to match what he wants, then you can do it all within one calendar!

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have checked the calendar settings and I do not have it set to “always show a specific date” so this isn’t the reason it is doing this.

I have tried setting up the colors, but because there are two dates for a single entry (delivery/install) both dates show the same color instead of delivery being based on a condition and install being based on a condition. I was hoping maybe someone knew the settings I would need to use to make this happen.

Hmm, not sure. You may want to email about this.

Yes, if you need 2 colors for each record, then you would need to create 2 different calendar views. Airtable can only apply one color per record per view.

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