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I’m in need of a Kanban view with swimlanes and I have hence installed the app Matrix and created that “Kanban” view.
This view will be used to share information with the rest of the company and external clients so I would like to share it in the same way that I can do with other regular views.

On Airtable pages describing this app e.g.
There is a share arrow on the top left of the window but that share arrow doesn’t appear when I have created such a view. See screenshot.

Have I done something wrong? I have a pro subscription.

Thanks in advance

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The Matrix App is technically not a “view” but an app. You cannot generate a shared link to the Matrix app the same way you can for a Kanban view.

You can try sharing the dashboard with the app, or sharing the individual app. However both of these methods expose the entire base.

OK - Thanks @kuovonne.

The problem is that the sharing functionality that is described in the links you provide doesn’t exist for me.
E.g. is showing the option “Show apps added to this base” but that option is not available for me. Please see attached screenshot.

And in the sharing the individual app link it states that an option “Share app” should be available beside the name of the app, but not for me.

You actually have to share the entire base instead of a view.

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