Sharing requirements

Newbie here.
I want to share my base with someone.
After I send the invitation, and is received via email, does the person have to create an account under his/her name in order to make the share work?
Or how does that work?
I have set the person to edit but not change configurables etc. I get that.


When you invite somebody by email then that person receives email in which there is link for accepting invitation.
When that person clicks link at that time

  • person can signin(assuming person already has airtable account)
  • or person can signup with that email
  • after successful login person will see the bases shared with him/her. So the base shared will show up in that list.


Thank you.


Ed Cooper

Hi @Ed_Cooper

I realize that you are just wanting to send a link by email, there is also the option of creating a Share link (this option is in the same area as the Email link option) and you would just copy and paste the link into the body of the email. All that the recepiant would have to do is open the link and they will have access to the database, without having to download the app.

I have done this on many occasions and it works. It also works with selecting different editing options, that the recipient will be allowed to do with the database.

Just another option.

Mary K