Sharing view with dashboard/apps

Hi there! I have a base that has several summary blocks included to summarize the data. When I create a shareable link to the base, the apps/blocks in the panel on the right do not show up in the shared link. Does anybody know how to do this?

The link below says there should be a “Show apps added to this base” option when creating a shareable link, but I do not see it. I am on the Pro plan so I assume I would have it if it were still available.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Kevin, is it possible that you’re only sharing a view instead of the base? If you’re sharing the base, you should see this:


Hi Rupert - Thanks for the response. Yes, I am only trying to share a view. It appears, as you’ve pointed out, that the “Show apps” feature is only available when sharing a link to an entire base. That’s a bummer, but thanks for shedding some light. -Kevin

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