Sharing Views without having recipients create Airtable accounts

Is there a way to share Views without requiring recipients to create an Airtable account?

Yes, for read-only access.

Then, is it read-only when none of the four options are enabled?

Hey Jim,

It’s read only when you share the link using the share icon at the top of the base

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@Jim_Levy was actually referring to sharing a view, not the entire base. Yet interestingly, Airtable doesn’t have that same “Read-Only” text above the view sharing link, even though it IS read-only.

Jim, no matter which of the 4 options you select, sharing the link for a view (or an entire table) is always read-only.

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I tested it further and recipients are able to open the View link without an Airtable account, but not when “Restrict Access to an email domain” option is enabled. Do you see that also?

Yes, either disable that option, or keep it enabled & they will need to sign up for a free Airtable account.

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