Shift + Scroll for Horizontal... Still broken?

Hey I’m coming from spreadsheets and wanted to start using Airtable, but the first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t use shift+scroll to navigate horizontally.

My friend doesn’t have this issue on his Mac, but I’ve found dozens of other people with the same issue as far back as 2017 but no one has shared a solution.

Any insight on the cause of this bug/how to fix it? I can’t use this if basic navigation is broken.
(Using Chrome on Windows 10)

Welcome to the community, @Daws0n!

I’m not 100% sure if anyone here has any insights into this, because we’re just Airtable users like you. (Airtable employees don’t visit us too often here.)

Someone might respond with some info, but in the meantime, I would recommend sending an email to to see what they have to say, and then please post back here with their response.

Ah thank you @ScottWorld , makes sense why I didn’t see anything from their team then – I’ll edit that part out. I reached out to customer service directly prior to this so I’ll share any progress that comes from it.

It sounds like such a small thing, but it’s definitely robbing some enjoyment from the onboarding experience.

Cool, let us know what they say! As you mentioned, I don’t have this problem on my Mac. Maybe Airtable has a partnership with Apple to sell more Macs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha it’s entirely possible.

This bug does give me the disparaging “WHY?!” feeling… Similar to how I felt when seeing the location of the Apple Magic Mouse charger connection.

OMG!! Hahaha! They really ARE in a partnership with each other!! :joy:


Hi ____,

____ here with Airtable Support ! I’m taking over for ____ in order to provide more specialized support for your question. Sorry for the trouble here!

At this time, shift +scroll to scroll horizontally isn’t supported on Windows machines. This is something we’re considering eventually supporting, but unfortunately don’t currently have a timeline for doing so.

I’ve notified our product team of your request in hopes of getting this functionality added soon! To stay on top of Airtable product changes, check out our What’s new page.


…Is it at least implemented on the desktop app?..


…Shift + scroll isn’t an option in the desktop app either. I do agree that we’ve missed the mark here in an important functionality for our Windows users. I’ve passed along your feedback to the product team for consideration in planning upcoming feature work…

They also gave me some free airtable credits which was a nice gesture, but I’m not sure I’ll need them :smiling_face_with_tear:

Good to know, thanks for posting!

In the meantime, this might help. :wink:

Haha never going back to dark side of MacOS.
I just checked Smartsheets and they have some cool features, like giving me the ability to navigate. Things are starting off on the right foot :joy:

Will compare & share my thoughts here unless Airtable deletes my post for talking about other products lol

Oh shoot! I found a workaround! Airtable has re-entered the race!

Here ya go, fellow frustrated Windows users:

  1. Download the Airtable Desktop App
  2. Buy the Logitech MX Master (3 or 2)
    2.1 You should buy this mouse anyways, it’s awesome.
  3. Set an Application Specific profile for Airtable, and assign Horizontal Scroll
  4. Still message AirTable support to fix this since it’s been broken for 4 years

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