Shipping/Receiving History


I’m not a new AT user and I’m not unfamiliar with database structures and how to manipulate them, but I’m running into a small problem with a new job.

I’ve been tasked with organizing a large warehouse and while I have managed to use AT to get a handle on much of the day to day processes, there is a particular report that my superiors are asking for that I cannot figure out how to easily generate from my current data.

The report they are looking for is a ‘shipping/receiving’ style report that lists each individual S/N that has either come into the warehouse or gone out. The problem arises in that the same S/N can go ‘out’ or come ‘in’ multiple times.

I currently have an ‘Inventory’ table with a unique ID of each S/N.
I have a ‘logistics’ table with each container or truck that comes to the warehouse (each truck can have both ‘in’ and ‘out’ S/N on it)

The end result needs to be a ‘spreadsheet’ type report that lists columns as;

S/N | Model | Date | Type

Where type is ‘Received’, ‘Shipped’, ‘Returned’, etc.

While I can easily create a version of the desired report from the ‘Inventory’ table and group by ‘status’ it does not allow me to create a report that shows 3 row entries for a unique S/N that was received on 11/3, shipped on 11/10 and then returned on 11/20.

Any clues on how to approach this problem? Thanks in advance

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