Short cut keys not working when adding a new record link to a linked a field

So beyond frustrated at this point. Out of nowhere my enter, directional keys, and esc keys are not working in the “link record” field. I type in the record name and instead of being able to use the directional keys to go down to the record I want in the list and then hitting enter to add it to the field I have to use my mouse. Its happening both in chrome and in the airtable app for Windows 10. Doesn’t seem to be happening anywhere else in my browser or on my desktop.

I assume I accidentally hit a key somewhere along the way while typing and didn’t realize it, but no matter what I search I cannot find the answer to this issue. Might seem silly, but when you have a process and it’s suddenly disrupted it can really mess you up in your daily tasks.

Sorry about that — this was broken for a bit today, but it should be fixed now!