Shorten SWITCH Formula

Is there any way to shorten this formula?

Couple options:

If your {Month} field is getting its value from a date field, you could just use DATETIME_FORMAT(), which has a predefined format for getting the quarter. Do 'Q' & DATETIME_FORMAT({Date field}, 'Q').

Or you could stick to using SWITCH() and just add a little math:
SWITCH(INT(Month / 4), 0, 'Q1', 1, 'Q2', 2, 'Q3', 3, 'Q4')


Awesome Kamille :fire:

INT(Month / 4) is what I was looking for but DATETIME_FORMAT({Date field}, β€˜Q’) is even better for me :wink:

Thank UπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

There some issues with the INT methods due to β€œroundness”…

But I found happiness with


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