Should I split a table JUST to manage unwieldy fields?


I’ve been using views to manage a table that’s growing, growing, growing both in records and needed fields.

It’s a Students table and it gets used by two teams at my company - Admissions and Instructors.

Admissions records data like the student’s application and payment status, and lots more. Instructors record data about “test” scores and attendance, and lots more.

I’m hoping that splitting tables would make the workflow easier for Instructors and Admsissions. But before I do that, I worry that I’ll be creating more complexity and ruining the whole reason for “views”.

What’s the best practice? When should I split a table into two?


The answer to your question is in whatever you mean by “lots more”.

Seems to me that you need at least four tables:

  1. Student info (Name, contact data)
  2. Applications
  3. Tests
  4. Attendance

Have you taken a look at A beginner’s guide to many-to-many relationships?

Just curious: How many fields are there in the Students table?

BTW, this topic should probably be in the Support forum rather than in the API forum.